by Stephanie A '11

How to Meet Celebrities

Living in New York, it’s not that difficult to spot a celebrity. My 10th grade personal project was to film a documentary about my quest to meet Nick Jonas. I had come very close before, I’ve even held Joe Jonas’ hand, but I’ve never really been able to speak to Nick. I got very close to getting to meet him, unfortunately the deadline came before I could complete the project. Recently, however, I spent a few hours with Jonathan Cook, Caleb Turman, and Austin Bello from the band Forever the Sickest Kids in Times Square.
I found out that they were going to stay at a hotel in Times Square (through Twitter) and that they were having a free acoustic set (also from Twitter). So, I headed off that Thursday night to their mini concert, they all Twittered the exact address. After arriving, I waited for the three of them to come. Keeping my eyes open, I immediately spotted them crossing the busy avenue. At this point, I decided to run over there but to keep it cool as I approached closer. It turned out to be a good decision because I got to hug them and get pictures.
After signing some autographs, the singing began. Too bad they didn’t have a permit. So what did we do? Well, we tested out each block hoping that somehow the next one they wouldn’t need permission to play. However they couldn’t find a spot because they were three men being followed by about 150 overly excited teenagers, so we finally decided to head to Bryant Park. The walk there was hectic. I had to use my very useful sneaking skills to stay by their sides. (Here’s where pushing and kicking to get your way is morally acceptable.) After a five-minute walk they sat down on a small bench in the park. Again my incredible talent landed me by Austin Bello’s feet. While playing, I was used as Austin’s guitar mute and Jonathan’s art canvas (he drew on my face with a sharpie). Yet again, the cops were called to get us out of the way. They ended the concert a switched to a “meet & greet.” Again, I made small talk with Jonathan and Austin. I even had the guts to ask Jonathan for a kiss on the cheek. He obliged and even kissed my mother after she bought Jonathan a NYC magnet. Then it was time for people to start leaving the park. I ended up walking with Jonathan, again. We started talking about what he was going to do for the rest of his stay in NY. I was acting like an actual human being and not a crazy obsessed fan. It was definitely a good decision because Jonathan warmed up to me and personally sang me a song he had just written. We ended up back in Times Square where we sat on the public chair and watched the Lakers/Magic game on the huge screen TV. Jonathan showed me pictures of his family. Then, unfortunately, it was getting late and I had to leave so he hugged me and the magical night was over.
Here are some tips to track down an idol of yours and possibly even hang out with them like I did.
• Clear your day of plans. You never know when they might go out. Most likely they will be out and about at night since their day is full of interviews, sight-seeing, meet & greets, etc. You need to be available at all times.
• Get an account on Twitter. Checking frequently allowed me to know what my celebrity was doing, at what time, and who with.
• Use the Internet. Find out about events they will be attending and make an effort to get there by checking their MySpace, fan websites, Official Websites, Twitter, etc.
• Hone your sneaky super ninja skills and get in the middle of everything. Push your way through the crowd and put yourself in a position where you know they’ll have to get close. For example, one night I was on Fifth Avenue when Paris Hilton came out of one of the stores. There were probably about 50 people who were all jumping up and down at the door. Instead of joining them I stood in front of her car door. When she got there a bodyguard pushed me aside but I was still right next to Paris. It was an easy way to get close.
• Remember that being treated like a human being will be refreshing for them. I spoke to Jonathan as if he were any other guy and he responded well. Instead of being a crazy, screaming fan smile and start talking to them.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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