by Neha M '14

Looking Back at the First Year of Memories

The seventh graders in BSGE have almost completed their first year. They have been through many experiences, overcome various problems, made a ton of friends, and reflected on their first year at BSGE. When looking back on it, most seventh graders feel the workload has been stressful and close to an overload. At the same time, a lot of 7th graders have changed their feelings about BSGE and now consider it their second home.
When reflecting about their first year at BSGE the students will remember the amount and difficulty of the work they got. Compared to many schools, BSGE gives its students a lot of work that sometimes is quite stressful. Isabel Castro said that this year was, “hard, busy, stressful and preparing.” Ana Miljak, added, “All the work was really stressful and over-loading.” Some of the hard work that was mentioned was the numerous projects the 7th graders got and the concepts they had to learn. Sayed Azmain says that all the work was, “hard and painful like the science projects and hard concepts to learn.”
Many people also said that their feelings have changed from the beginning of the year to now. They have adjusted to BSGE and its ways and its environment. Filip Martinok said that, “I thought BSGE was harder and then I got adjusted to the work.” Anika Zaman agrees and says, “I wasn’t so happy transferring to BSGE, I thought being on the waiting list meant having barely any chance to get in. So I was really annoyed to hear my mom say that [I got] accepted 2 weeks into the year. But now being here for 8 months I like BSGE and I can’t imagine being anywhere else and BSGE is different, you can’t compare it.” So despite the work, it seems like BSGE has the charm for most students. They might have been uncomfortable at first but they have been through a lot which has made them change their feelings towards BSGE.
It seems like not only have the 7th grade students feelings changed, but they, themselves have as well. In just the first year, BSGE has helped its students develop academically as well as socially.


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