by BACC Rag staff

Short Stories 6/09

BSGE plans, Rain laughs

                  The Helping Hands Committee planned our an­nual BSGE Earth Day cele­bration at Socrates Sculpture Park for Friday, June 5th but it was canceled due to rain. Many students showed up to school with a hoe in one hand and a shovel in the oth­er only to find themselves sitting in English class.

The Recession Hits Close to Home At BSGE

The recent eco­nomic downturn has inevita­bly led to budget cuts across New York City and BSGE is not immune from these reductions.  Despite being ranked US News and World Report’s #38 High School in the country and having the highest ELA scores in Queens, BSGE is losing almost $200,000, approxi­mately 5%, from its budget next year.  These cuts will have an impact on how our school is run and the quality of our education.

The IB art show

April 2nd through April 6th, students in the IB Art SL and HL programs displayed their artwork in the BSGE library, for IB evaluation and for the BSGE community to appreciate.  More than fifty students displayed their artwork that culminated in a clos­ing ceremony and auction that raised almost $1000 for the artists and for the BSGE art program.  The students displayed multiple pieces of work around a unified theme.  Great job BSGE art­ists and IB Art teachers, Mr. Steele and Mr. McGuire!

“It is very important

Boat Dance Canceled

The 2009 boat dance was, unfortunately, called off. After three years of immense popularity it was suddenly canceled last year because no one bought tickets. Virge had warned the students that if the same happened this year he would be forced to cancel but stu­dents still didn’t purchase the tickets ahead of time. Virge said that the boat dance “used to be an event made by the students and advised by an adult,” but now it’s the adults organiz­ing it and it’s just not work­ing.

BSGE Softball goes Undefeated

BSGE Lady Sting
went undefeated this season,
8-0, in the PSAL developmental
league. They
were also the champions of
the developmental division
but were not eligible for the
playoffs because they’re
developmental. Next year,
however, they will be promoted
from the and be eligible
for the playoffs. Congratulations
Lady Sting!


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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