by Jolijt T '11

Thank You Notes

S u m m e r ’ s
quickly approaching,
the school year’s almost
over and this is
our final issue in our
2008-2009 volume.
This 16 page
issue is packed tight,
and includes senior
goodbyes, a page for
the entering diploma
students and articles
by our new, talented,
seventh (soon to be
eighth) grade staff
members. It’s the end
of our second year
as “BSGE’s Official
Buzz,” and our fourth
year as a newspaper,
and there are so many
people to thank for our
success and growth.
Of course a
huge thank you goes
to BSGE students,
parents, teachers and
faculty, who so enthusiastically
read and
react to every issue.
Without readers, after
all, a newspaper serves
no purpose.
And then there
are also the advisory
teachers who so kindly
allow their students to
read our work.
Amy Reichel,
the PTA and our donors
all deserve a thank you
for making the BACC
Rag possible through
their monetary support.
Melissa Hinson,
Shantanu Saha
and Mouse Squad also
deserve a thank you for
giving us access to the
laptops which allow us
to work at school.
We thank
Adam Noor for always
making sure there is no
leftover pizza.
A thank you
goes to Virge Ramos
and the Yearbook for
letting us use their
A thank you
goes to the guest writers
and artists who
play a vital role in the
creation and content of
The BACC Rag. We
also thank everyone
who has given us story
tips and opportunities
and pictures.
Of course, the
BACC Rag staff also
deserves recognition.
They usually, kinda,
sort of meet deadlines.
They’re all dedicated
and hard working
The BACC Rag
advisor, Aly Lakhaney
deserves one of the
biggest “thank you’s”
of them all. Without
him the newspaper
would be far from possible
and we all thank
him for his dedication,
understanding and patience.
We’d finally
like to thank Ms. Johnson,
who has always
given us a remarkable
amount of trust and
room to navigate the
world of responsible
This is hopefully
a world that we
can continue to explore.
With every issue
comes new ideas, new
formats, new concepts
and a refined image.
The BACC Rag staff
has grown closer and
closer and our writing
has greatly improved.
Together, with the help
of many students and
BSGE staff, we put
out “BSGE’s Official
Buzz.” Next year we
hope to continue to develop.
This school
year has been one with
many adjustments. The
economic crisis has affected
every aspect of
our lives. Some parents
are losing their jobs,
students their luxuries
and some their necessities,
families their
vacations, and BSGE
its funding. BSGE has
suffered from budget
cuts it’s never had to
deal with but we’ve
fought through. However,
the school has
still managed to place
as the 38th ranked
public high school in
America, offer the IB
diploma to all of its
students and maintain
its small, close and
loving atmosphere.
Rag wishes everyone a
great summer


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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