by Marcelo T '08

Word from the Real World: Marcelo Triana

Sitting at the tiny wood table, cups
of coffee littered the room. Towards
my right, five people slaved away
over their computers. With the hopefully
notion that my Spring Break
would be relaxing, I needed to finish
my political science paper on Mark
Andrejevic’s book about the manipulative
and harmful nature of modern
technology. Political science always
left me wanting for more, more
knowledge, more moments where I
was just blown away. This thirst for
more of political science made easy
for me to declare it as my major with
a theme of contemporary American
politics in a global society. With this
I can guarantee myself classes like
“Law and Globalization” or “Terrorism.”
I am overwhelmed with
the confidence that this the subject
that I want to be a part of the rest of
my life, but at the same time I am
gripped with the dilemma of being
fascinated with the paradoxes of
philosophy. While in the library, I
discussed causality and Kantian notions
of retributivism with a philosophy
student. At this I realized: “I just
need to double major.” Philosophy
gave me the knowledge to question
the conundrums of the society, and
gain my own
understanding of
the world.
marks flooded
the porcelain
white page.
Flipping through
several sheets of paper, I had been
working on my resume for the past
several weeks. With prospects of
going to law school, I rushed to do
whatever possible to get an internship
in law over the summer. With
the help of the Associate Director of
Employer Relations, I submitted an
application to be a legal intern at the
State of New York Office of the Attorney
General. Several weeks later I
would receive a phone call from the
Legal Recruitment Bureau being offered
an internship with the Criminal
Prosecutions Bureau. I felt honored
and excited for the opportunity to be
involved in such an important internship.
The experience I can gain from
an internship at such a prestigious
office is invaluable; even if I never
decide not to go to law school. It is
important for any student to start
looking for internships early on to
gain this invaluable experience, and
not wait until the last minute.



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