by Marissa R '08

Word from the Real World: Marisa Reichel

So its one week until I have officially
completed my freshman year.
I know most kids on the verge of
leaving home for college can barely
contain their excitement. I was
absolutely not one of those kids. For
the most part I loved high school and
was not particularly eager to leave
and close that chapter of my life. It
scared the hell out of me to leave
everything I had known for 18 years;
my friends, family, my own room!
But I can now officially say that
taking that huge leap away from my
comfort zone has definitely paid off
after having a great first year at the
University of Delaware.
I was trying to reflect on the
past 10 months when brainstorming
this article and everything that came
to mind was so cliché but I think in
this case some clichés really do sum
up the freshman experience of college.
I’ve learned so much outside
of the classroom about myself, how
to deal with different kinds of people
and how to handle various situations.
not to
Like anything new, college
undeniably took some getting used
to; but after finding great friends and
the right balance between work and
the more fun aspects of college, I
definitely got the hang of it all.
Thanks for reading my
column all year, writing it has been
a great way to reflect on the very
frightening, exciting and unique
experience that is being a college
freshman. Also, my friends seem
to think that being mentioned in an
article in the BaccRag is their first
step towards fame and I promised to
mention them so hi Nina, Pam and


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