by Stephanie A '11

Yearbook: The Circus Comes to BSGE

Everyone was feeling Britney Spears’ hit “Circus”, so why not make it the theme of this years’ yearbook? The book is packed with memories and everything associated with the Circus including bright colors, originality, and mayhem.
With the table of contents as a world map, the creativity put into this yearbook was apparent immediately. The yearbook staff was devoted to this years’ theme, using clever headings such as “We are cirque D’IB”. Only a few pages stray from the circus theme, like the “Where have we gone?” page.
One of the most exciting pages is filled with baby photos. It was interesting to look at the old faces and match them with the new. The yearbook also brought back their original senior profile format, used in the first and second yearbook. Each senior has two pictures, one formal and one silly, and then a few lines about the senior. It’s a nice parallel but I found the index card layout for the senior profiles from the last year’s yearbook more appealing. However, looking at these couple of pages still gives the reader a great insight into the personalities of the graduating seniors.
To raise money, the last pages of the yearbook had boosters full of proud parents and supporting friends.
The overall graphics can seem overbearing but true to the theme. With so many colors and pictures, I found it a little distracting. Overall, however, the yearbook, with its little snippet and photos that manage to capture 6 years of experience, pleases the eye and warms the hear


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