by Tim David-Lang

Seventh Graders, Welcome to BSGE

Welcome to BSGE! You’re starting on a six year experience here with us that is sure to be filled with friends, fun, and plenty of rewarding learning.  While I imagine that BSGE must feel confusing and even large right now, I am certain that before long you will find your own, comfortable place within our small community.  Before you know it, you will recognize and even know nearly everyone as you squeeze your way through the hallways between classes and rush to get a good spot on the line for lunch.
More than anything else I’d suggest that you use your new spot here as a chance to ask questions, reach out to people (adults and other students), and be open to all of the new experiences you will have this year.  Push yourself and pick out a specific new classmate or three to get to know, join a new group of people at lunch, stop by my office to
say hi, join the Spirit Squad (or the BACC RAG for that matter!), stay after class to bother Mr. Lakhaney.  Remember that here at BSGE, especially in your first year with us, you’ve got a chance to try out new things, approach new challenges, and explore who you are as a student and a person.  Take advantage of this amazing opportunity!

-Guidance Counselor, Timothy David-Lang


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