by Daniel F '10

Welcoming in the 2009-2010 Girls Basketball Varsity season

After going 4-4 just two years ago, the BSGE Sting Girls Varsity basketball team doubled their numbers in 2009, finishing the season with a solid 8-8 record. A fifth place spot in the conference means that Baccalaureate is slowly, but surely climbing the ranks of Queens High School basketball.
“The reason for success in last year’s season was our determination. The games that we did best in were the ones that we really gave our all,” said Kristen Spang, star forward. That same heart that Spang refers to is what allowed the Sting to finish last season surging, completing the season on a 4-1 hot streak.
The reason for last year’s consistency was simple: defense. Of their eight victories, seven saw the opponent held to 40 points or less. The eighth losing opponent, Frank Sinatra High School, was held to 41.
With eighteen games scheduled for the 2009-2010 campaign, there’s plenty of room for growth. There is no reason BSGE can’t surpass the .500 mark for the first time in team history. Defensive forward Qendresa Hidra told the Baccrag, “We need to go to every practice and not slack. Try to work harder on getting the plays right.”
The dedication Hidra is referring to needs to be there for this team to win; ’09-’10 will not be easy. BSGE will open their season with four games on the road, coming home December 10th to face 14-2 Academy of American Studies. Playing Studies twice, 14-2 Grover Cleveland twice, and 12-4 Information Tech. HS twice will be a challenge to be faced head on. In ’08-’09, BSGE went a combined 1-5 against these three girls powerhouses. However, the Sting blew out the conference’s weaker teams, defeating Robert F. Wagner HS on both occasions, 59-24 and 39-30 respectively.
Fans should watch for a potential rival in newly relocated Frank Sinatra High School. The 6-10 school for the performing arts now attends, practices and plays home games just a block from BSGE. Well-matched both offensively and defensively, the Sting split the season-series with FS last year, 1-1. With students going to school and playing out their seasons just a block from each other, a rivalry could be a brewing.
The commitment on this girls team cannot be questioned, and in fact should be learned from for all sports programs existent at BSGE. Though finishing the past two seasons at .500, the team has a winning mentality. When asked what her role on this team was, Kristen Spang replied, “Just a teammate. The reason I’m on the team is so that I can try to help us win, because that’s what I want more than anything”. This team wants to win, and with the right attitude, they will. BSGE opens their season on Tuesday, November 24th at 4:30pm at Newcomers High School.

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