Word From the Real World: Adam Popper Reply

Hello and greetings from Boston College. It’s starting to get chilly up here in Massachusetts, so I find myself invigorated into talking about my experiences at college. For all those seniors dreading the end of the college application process and all those juniors who are dreading the beginning, let me assure you all of something very important: there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Just two months ago I was terrified of coming here and to be faced with having to have to meet new people and adapt to an entirely new way of life. But don’t deduce that college is in any way overwhelming, because for those of you are preparing yourselves now, the transition will be a piece of cake.
But I feel I need to say that for me college got off to a rather bumpy start. I arrived here on September 1st, after a leisurely yet panic-filled four hour drive from New York. And when I got here my roommate, Zach, had already formed a tight circle of friends, many of whom he’d known from high school and even a few he’d just met. So I tried to do the same, but it didn’t go as well for me. After several weeks, though, I am happy to say I have a significant circle of friends that comprises not only of Zach, but also plenty of people from my classes and extracurricular activities.
Yes, I did say extracurricular activities. For all those feeling restrained by the limited opportunities that you can gain in BSGE, do not despair, as the world opens up once you are in college. And for those of you already taking advantage of the many organizations at BSGE, know that it doesn’t end there. I may be in neither Senior Council nor Mouse Squad anymore but I have found plenty of interesting outlets. Get this: at Boston College there is an Investments Club that has more than fifty thousand dollars invested in stocks. That is an exciting way to spend Monday evenings. And it just keeps going. There are approximately seventy student-run organizations here, and that’s small comparable to other colleges. So college has endless possibilities, a prospect that all the Juniors and Seniors should look forward to.
But don’t get me wrong, it is still plenty of work. Between my five classes, even this early in the semester, I have already had three midterms and work equivalent to the peak workload you will ever have at BSGE. So it’s no walk in the park. For all those looking forward to college, heed this advice: by actually doing your work while at BSGE and fulfilling the seemingly overflowing requirements that IB sets for you in both in the Middle Years Program and Diploma Program, you are amply preparing yourselves for the work you have yet to face. And I want to extend that to the fresh faces in the 7th grade. You may not know me, but know this: work has its benefits. So, wrapping this up, I must say that I miss BSGE and all the people that comprise its great community but I am having a great time here at Boston College. So I just want to say (partially for the benefit of Jennifer for hopefully you will read this), good night and good luck.

-Adam Popper, Boston College Class of 2013


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