by Neha M '14 by Steven A '14

7th Graders, Show Us Your Sting!

Steven Alvarez
Hey welcome the BSGE, this school as you know is one the best schools in this nation. In here you will be expected to do things where in your old school sounded crazy. In the beginning of the year it would seem easy but by the middle of the year it will get a lot harder. The only advice I have for you is to just adapt and don’t leave any projects for the last minute. Things you think would be easy like essays and projects actually take a while so you can get a decent grade. You have to take the extra step in order to get a really good grade and that’s what your teachers will expect from you. Just always do your homework and you should be alright here.

Neha Mehta
First off…hi! Welcome to BSGE!! These past couple of weeks must have been very over-whelming; It can be hard meeting new people in a new school environment which your stuck with for a whole year.  These weeks in school will be odd with the new class and teachers but don’t run away from then. Get to know them.  It’s really important to establish a good relation with the people in your surroundings.  You’ll fit in and it has its benefits like comfortable and having a good start to the rest of the year.  Take it from a previous 7th grader, be open to your peers.  You will find some of your best friends and teachers/role models here!

10 Tips for New-Bees

1. Say please and thank you to the lunch ladies.
2. Waffles are for eating.
3. Always wear socks to dance class.
4. ALWAYS have a big supply of post-its.
5. DO NOT pass notes because you will almost always end up being embarrassed by your teachers.
6. DO NOT get teachers’ bad side otherwise they will accuse you of talking while they are all year long.
7. Always have a good book to read in Advisory. **Do not trash them**
8. Use your lockers effectively.
9. Get as many extra credit points as possible.
10. Be nice to us 8th graders…otherwise we will make your first year a living hell.

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