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This year’s was no doubt one of the most talked about MTV Video Music Awards. It was full of unintended surprises and a series of “unique” Lady GaGa outfits. The awards began with a ten-minute Michael Jackson tribute. Madonna gave an impressive speech on his life, and the tribute continued with an opening of the famous “Thriller” as well as with numerous dance numbers of other famous Jackson songs like Bad and Billie Jean. Closing the ceremony Janet mimicked her beloved brother’s dance to “Scream;” a duet between brother and sister. Honestly, I thought the tribute was phenomenal. Surprisingly enough, due to all of the excitement that took place after it, I had to keep on reminding myself that this performance took place.
One of the most jaw-dropping moments that will forever stay in my memory is the “Kanye thinking he’s God and therefore can steal away an innocent girl’s spotlight because HE thinks the award should’ve gone to the not so single anymore lady, Beyonce” disaster. As I must keep the profanity out of this column, it’s been hard for me to describe my feelings and thoughts on this talented yet HEARTLESS rapper. However, I have been able to formulate all my hatred for him and still keep the writing PG! I just have one question for this guy…WHAT ARE YOU ON?! Really, that must honestly be one of the most rude, arrogant, disrespectful, selfish act of jealousy I have ever seen! Yes, I said Jealous! Even though West was nominated in four categories, he needed the attention on himself at all times! I don’t even think there’s room for debate on how full of himself the young musician is. He has been quoted referring to himself as “God.” Need I say more? It seems to me that this human being, whom is most certainly not my God, needs honest help. His larger than life ego leaves room for praise only from himself.
The beautiful and kind Taylor Swift, who won the award for “Best Female Video,” was left speechless on stage with her mouth wide open in shock. Although she left with her feelings hurt and tears in her eyes, I must say it was quite amusing to see Kanye booed off stage. Once wasn’t enough, however, as his lip-syncing scandal also had fans booing him off stage. Five minutes later…Hello, YouTube! Now, former fans can watch that fool over and over again from the comfort of their computer chairs, and pity his soon to be dead career. The following day a particular trending topic on Twitter caught my eye… “@KanyeWest YO PATRICK SWAYZE I KNOE U JUST DIED & ALL &IMMA LET U FINISH. BUT MICHAEL JACKSON’S DEATH WAS THE BEST ONE THIS YEAR!” Hey, Kanye? If you’re reading this, perhaps you should use your Godly powers to get yourself out of this mess?
The rest of the VMA’s were all about Lady Gaga and her, for lack of a better word, original outfits. Arriving to the event with Kermit the Frog and wearing a neck brace-looking contraption, there was just as much talk about her as there was about Kanye & Taylor. Her performance of “Paparazzi” ended with her hanging herself by her wrist from the ceiling, covered in fake blood. As much as I don’t agree with her actions most of the time, her music is catchy and I can look over these “minor” flaws. She changed her outfit more times than I can remember. While walking on stage to accept her award for “Love Games,” I noticed her face-covering outfit. I cant say it was the smartest thing to wear but at least she didn’t trip and fall! Props to you, Gaga. Lastly, I remember the show closing with a nest perched on top of the blonde singers face. I can’t really give props on that one. There is only so much of Gaga and her outfits I can take in a day.
One person I wished they‘d shown more of was the host, Russel Brand. Last year’s purity ring cracks on the Jonas Brothers were hilarious, and his accent is quite amusing. So witty, those Brits are! Another entertaining act was Muse. This band, featured on the Twilight soundtrack, rocked the stage but I was also hoping for Cobra Starship to drop a surprise performance. Good Girls Go Bad featuring the Gossip Girl queen bee, Leighton Meister, was all over the radio this summer and the Pete Wentz/Gabriel Saporta teaser on stage was simply not satisfying.
In a nutshell, this years VMA’s triumphed over all the rest. I don’t think anyone is going to be able to top the acts that went down this year. Oh. And I have a feeling a certain somebody isn’t getting that shiny invite next year.


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