by Cassidy C '15

Book Review: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

If you enjoyed The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, you will love the sequal, Catching Fire.  This was one of the most highly anticipated books of 2009 and a must read for anyone who read The Hunger Games.
I would highly recomend this book to all readers because the story and writing style were really interesting and it was the kind fo book you can’t put down once you start.  Every part of the book flowed, fit together well, and had a purpose.  Even information that seemed pointless or unimportant at the time ended up being significant in the story.
In the first book, Katness Everdeen goes into the annual Hunger Games and is crowned the victor of her district along with her friend Peeta.  The sequel continues their story.  As the victors are settling into their houses in the Victor’s Village, they get a visit from President Snow.  He lets Katniss know that everyone could be in danger after her act of rebellion against the Capital allowed her and Peeta to win the games.
The following year it was time for the Third Quarter Quell.  The Quarter Quells were the Hunger Games that came every twenty five years and usually came with a unique twist.  That year during the Reaping, they decided to choose one make and one female from each district rather than random twelve to eighteen year old.  Katniss and Haymitch have their names drawn but Peeta volunteered to take one of the places.  You have to read the book to find out who will be crowned the victor and to see how Katniss and Peetal do in the games.

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