Editorial: School Spirit Reply

It is obvious that BSGE’s students are not the best with school spirit. During previous school years, there has been a serious lack of enthusiasm and pride for our school. Evidently, school events that used to be well-received have drastically lost their popularity. For instance, a couple of years ago, BSGE’s Annual Boat Dance was the biggest party of the year. But it has been canceled for the past two years because not enough people have bought tickets. This year, however, seems different from the previous years. Over the past few months, there has been a sudden renewal of school spirit. With a stream of extremely popular school events such as the Masquerade Ball, Free Movie Night, and bunches of bake sales, school spirit has become increasingly prominent.
Since the beginning of this school year, multiple events have earned significant amounts of money for BSGE, and hopefully, future events will continue to do so. There are many more promising upcoming events such as Lounge Night. Events like these are extremely important to the BSGE community and if they continue to be as successful as they seem to have been this year, school spirit will no longer be unheard a foreign concept. Along with these school events, there has been an increase in the amount of school clubs. BSGE students have started new clubs such as the Movie Club, the Spirit Squad, and the 7th and 9th grade Student Councils. It is amazing that as students, we are all finally taken initiative to make a difference in our school and keep up vitality within BSGE.
This resurgence of school spirit has been extremely positive for BSGE. The school events and clubs have unified all of the students and definitely made us a better school in general. Without such events or clubs, there would be no time for students that are unfamiliar with one another to interact on a frequent basis. It is crucial that we, as students, assume the responsibility of keeping our lives here linked. Even though that hasn’t been a priority in the past, it certainly is refreshing to see that our school spirit is not extinct but thriving.


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