To Leave or Not to Leave: Transferring out of BSGE Reply

Many eighth graders at BSGE have been indecisive about whether or not they should transfer to other high schools. Many students feel comfortable in this school but feel like they might be missing out if they do not apply elsewhere. Others feel that they wouldn’t mind leaving the school, but wouldn’t know where to apply. All kids want to know that they are doing the correct thing, and want to be happy with their final decisions. “When deciding what schools to apply for, I will think about not only what schools are better, but what schools I personally will do best in,” said Lauren Ouaknine. As students weight the pros and cons, they will come to their final decisions.        When deciding to stay or leave BSGE, many students think about the bad aspects of transferring to other places. One of the downsides of transferring is that there may be bigger class sizes at other schools and that they can be less personal. If you went to a larger school, teachers and the principal may only know your nine-digit ID code. Getting used to the new environment could also be hard for some people after being in BSGE for so long. Eighth grader, Ariel Taub explains, “Applying for other schools is too long a process and is hard if you have to take extra test-prep for it.” All of these are to be taken into consideration when applying.
On the other hand, there are many good things about going to a new high school. Some kids are looking for a “real” high school experience, which they don’t feel they can find at BSGE If you transferred, you might go to a place that had an auditorium and a gym, where in some schools, plays could be performed and cheer leading practices could take place. Also, many students have one main interest in school and want to go to other places. Some kids would like a better music program, or maybe go to a school that revolved mostly around a certain subject. One student said, “I would like to go to a school that had a better arts program because that is very important to have.” If this is the case for certain students, transferring might be the right thing to do.
Leaving BSGE is also an unhappy thought for many students currently in the eighth grade here. To many, this school is like a second home and kids are very comfortable. Some students feel that if they transferred to a different school, then they could miss out. Since our school was rated 38th best high school in the country some people are very reluctant to switch. “I’m not going to transfer because even if I got into other places, I know I will still want to stay at BSGE in the end,” said Lauren Katzenstein exasperatedly. Others are impressed with the small class size. In just two years, Baccalaureate has created many devoted students.
In eighth grade there are also students who see obvious reasons why they would want to leave our school. Some people would want to leave because BSGE is not the greatest school out there. New York has so many great schools and kids want to see if they can do better than where they are now. Also, some kids see their friends transferring and want to stay with them by leaving, too. Some eighth graders also think that BSGE is just too small for them. They want a school with more extra curricular activities. “BSGE is not the best school out there, and with so many different options, why not just try to get into a better one,” Chris Torres shares. Many students are still trying to make up their minds to transfer or to stay.
December 4th is the day high school applications are finally due and students are still ruminating about where they should be going next year. They will talk to their parents, guidance counselor, and fellow students to try and resolve the issue of where to go in the future. In the end, each student will have a promising future, no matter where they decide to go to high school. Every single year, many kids worry about new ninth grade schools, and whether they decide to transfer or stay at BSGE, they end up doing fine wherever they are.


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