by BACC Rag staff

Senior of the month: Elies Fraija

1) The accomplishment I’m most proud of: Being able to say that I always tried my best when it comes to people. The rule I follow is always treat others the way you want to be treated.

2) I’m really scared of: I’m scared of heights, I think it’s because of a dream I had when I was younger where I fell from a cliff and never hit the bottom. That dream occurs every once in a while but now with constant college applications falling down with me.

3) I’m looking forward to: going to college, prom, graduation, the senior trip.

4) My favorite BSGE memory is: I have one from each year I was here. 9th grade: When we told Marleny that the projector was solar powered even though there were no windows in the room. She believed it anyway (Shout out to Marleny). 10th grade: When all the native Spanish speakers were sent outside to go do work and we would end up being louder than the class. And the time I made the speech at the MYP ceremony. 11th grade: Meeting and interacting with the new classmates in general was cool. 12th grade: Finishing the Extended Essay, applying to college, and playing football with my class are all great memories (Shout out to the Bio HL class).

5) My biggest regret about high school: I should have been more organized in the beginning of high school that way i would have been ready for the later years. And not being able to NOT procrastinate.

6) BSGE has made me: A little crazy and tired but above its made me grow up in a way that I didn’t expect to when I first came here.

7) If I were on a deserted island I would want, BSGE faculty member/student: my math table, Karry and Marleny, with me because at first we’d be like “how do we get out of this island, umm oh well” then from a distance we hear that finding a way out is going to be fickled fingered and we get candy, we’d say “ lets split the work and get off the island and get some candy, I’m starvin like hell.”

8) My motto is: the best way to deal with people is to kill them with Kindness.

9) In ten years I see myself: I see myself working as an athletic trainer for a college or professional sports team or as a physical therapist helping our people that have had amputations receive prosthetic body parts and help them regain motion in the cite of the injury.

10) My strangest talent is: I can shape my tongue into a three leaf clover and I know random stuff about random stuff like 80’s and 90’s pop culture.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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