by Jessi H '11

Lady Sting’s Playoff Run

BSGE Lady Sting fought a hard battle as the underdogs in the second round of the playoff games.  The Lady Hawks, from Hillcrest, were at the top of the Queens B East Division this season with a record of 16-2. Lady Sting was ranked fifth in the Queens B West Division, with a record of 11-7. Yet they managed to play a tight game. By the end of the first quarter the score was 6-6 and it was clear that Sting was giving it everything they had. The final score was 63-54 for Hillcrest. Though Sting did not win, we can all be proud of the game and the effort with which they played. The new but enthusiastic player, Karen Moy said, “our team improved a lot this season and put up a great fight against one of the best teams in the league. We’ll get ‘em next season.”
“We walked in and all the Hillcrest fans were asking [the team] if they were the cheerleaders. By the halftime they were worried. We almost knocked them out of the playoffs,” said BSGE junior, Kristopher Kesoglides. The stands were flooded with Lady Hawk fans who didn’t hesitate to cheer on their team or dance to the music that blasted from the speakers during time outs. Hillcrest even has a Hawk mascot. Though there were about 60 Hillcrest fans and 15 Sting fans, those there to support Sting did their best to show the team that they were all behind them. Several members from the BSGE boys’ basketball team including, Kris Kesoglides, Bryan Levin, Thiago Narvaez, Rudy Fuzaylov, and Dylan Diaz were in attendance. Other BSGE students, as well as former ones, arrived at the game to provide their share of moral support as well.
Since last season our school ranking has remained the same but our record and drive have definitely shot up. Because, behind the numbers, is a team more dedicated than ever. Last season, Lady Sting played sixteen games, winning eight and losing eight. This year, the team played eighteen games, and won eleven games while losing only seven. “Lady Sting has truly come a long way since [three years ago]. Hands down, this season has been our best. Not only have we all improved as individual players but we’ve really learned how to work well as a team,” says Hannah McFadden, one of Lady Sting’s original players.

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