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The formal definition of “jersey shore” is the Atlantic coast of New Jersey and the adjacent resort and residential communities. But since the new MTV show Jersey Shore, a new meaning to the term has formed. The area is known for attracting hard-partying Guidos who fist-pump the night away. You want the official definition to the term “Guido” too, don’t ya? Well, the definition had is a little too explicit to share with you all, but it did have a nicer way of defining their “wardrobe and natural habitat” which you guys can read up on at the website!
The MTV producers definitely took a chance with this new type of reality show. I can honestly say I’ve never heard of a show where we watch Italians — some real and some fake — party, tan, work out, tan, do laundry, and maybe do some more tanning? That pretty much sums up the show, although I have to say, as unappealing as the show may sound, once you tune in for 5 minutes, your face will be stuck to the TV.
The cast is full of some interesting characters who, of course, stir up drama every moment they’re out on the streets of New Jersey. On the Alexa Chung Show, I got to see the girl who may be one of the most popular cast members of Jersey Shore, most renowned for snookin’ the night. Yup, Snooki has been receiving so much publicity lately, it’s too bad her popularity doesn’t translate towards her luck with decent men. I feel bad for her always getting her heart broken by filthy guys, but at least she has many loveable characteristics going for her. I mean her 4’ 10” height, maybe 5’ 2” with her infamous poof, makes her seem like a cute kid; how could anyone break that poor girl’s heart?! But really, I adore her. In fact, she would be my favorite if not for that adorable Vinny. I’d choose BPB over GTL any day (that’s Basketball Pool Beach over Gym Tan Laundry for all you non Jersey Shore speakers reading this).
To truly understand all of the members of the cast, you have to watch the show. If it motivates you any more to do so, Snooki does get punched in the face by one of our very own native Queens teachers, who is, in fact, a male! Uh, yeah. And I assure you there’s much more fighting that goes down that is worth watching. Since the season finale was January 21, 2010 you can all catch up on full episodes at I’m gonna have a hard time letting this one go. Now where did I put my tanning spray…


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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