by Jolijt T '11

Bsge Rocks the Cafeteria for Haiti

Up until a few minutes before the show began, it was unclear whether or not the BSGE Haiti Relief Concert would be a success. However, it quickly became apparent, when the people started pouring in, that the BSGE Haiti Committee had done a great job. A solid 50 tickets were sold before hand and another $400 was made at the door. Over $800 was raised and every dollar is going directly to Haiti.
The show opened with rappers Kalil Suber and Steve Sanchez. Helping Hands members, Marta  Checko and Elias Friaja introduced the show and explained that now was an important time to do the concert because Haiti has fallen out of most people’s attention. Then Pamela Reyes sang and Andy Catucci played guitar to Ingrid Michelson’s “Take Me As I Am.” Heajin Kim followed with a poetry reading and then it was back to rapping with Sheik and Bradley. Marta Checko changed up the mood by playing piano. BSGE alumni Idan Zaitsev, Micheal Ursu, and Jehan Shams came back to play under the name “Epic Epileptic.” Virge Ramos sang “Man in the Mirror” and after that Peter Murray, Philip Ortiz and Pamela Reyes joined Virge to play “Everything You Want.” After intermission the screamo/heavy metal band “Cupid Painted Blind” performed complete with head banging. Then BSGE’s two homegrown bands, We Live Alone and Into the Moon performed. Spirit Squad closed the show with a performance of “We Are the World.”
BSGE has collected thousands of water bottles  for Haiti as part of its campaign.


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