by Joseph K '15

Monsieur Rajiv and Mr. Lakhaney visit france

Recently, Mr. Rajiv and Mr. Lakhaney took a trip to Montpellier, France, to arrange a foreign exchange program. They visited Jules Guesde, the school that the French students who will be participating in the exchange program. They also looked at the beautiful sights around Montpellier. “The view is like history,” said Mr. Rajiv. They both agreed that they would definitely like to go back again.
Mr. Rajiv raved that, “It’s very cool there,” and spoke of the many activities available such as hiking up a mountain or on a beach, canoeing, kayaking, swimming, or camping. Walking around and looking at the sights is a more relaxing alternative to those rigorous activities. The most popular sport is soccer, and music and concerts are also very popular. One can also go shopping in stores such as Bloomingdales. Getting around isn’t a problem either; there are trains and other forms of transportation.  However, the area isn’t as culturally diverse as in Queens.
The only problem with the program is that host families are needed for the French students. We hope to get their students here in next March, April, or May. The trip is ten days of school. In all, twenty-two students would come. All students can be host families for them. If you’re interested in being a host family, you can contact Mr. Rajiv or Mr. Lakhaney.
If we are able to host the French students, our students will have the opportunity to take the trip to France. Their school, Jules Guesde, is huge and has many buildings in it. Students there are still working on their English, which is why Mr. Rajiv says, “Remember to help them.”

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