by Erin C '14

No Prom for Some Seniors

This year, seniors who were absent a certain number of days will not be able to attend prom. According to Ms. Johnson there were a large number of absences in the 12th grade this year. Ms. Johnson said, “The Mayor and Chancellor will give us a negative rating if the attendance goes down.” To keep this from happening, Ms. Johnson has created a punishment for students who were absent too often.
Since there were a large number of absences this year, a decent number of students will be affected.  “We need a 96 percent attendance rating—unless the Mayor and Chancellor change their minds—so this is the only way to get it,” Ms. Johnson said. However, if seniors know they were absent too much this year, they can still go to the prom. All they have to do is show Ms. Johnson some sort of documentation that justifies their absences. “If I get a doctor’s note or some sort of documentation proving they were on a college visit, they should be fine,” she said.
Younger grades should know that this will be a regular thing. Future seniors will have to be in school for most of the year if they want to go to prom because BSGE has to have a certain attendance rating. Ms. Johnson said, “Yes, unless the 96 percent attendance rating goes down, it will happen next year.”  This new rule is a warning to all next year’s seniors.

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