by BACC Rag staff

Summer is For College Apps.

With summer approaching work is probably the last thing on the minds of juniors. However, it is crucial that this summer, the one between junior and senior year, juniors take the time to work on different aspects of their college applications. Work that juniors get done over the summer is work they don’t need to do in September, when school work, Extended Essay work and more college application work kicks in. If you dedicate just one hour every weekday you will have saved yourself 50 hours of work in the fall. Below is a checklist of tasks that those who are interested in a head start can use:

o Find an internship, job or program.
o Think about which major you might be interested in studying.
o Work on your list of colleges that you would like to attend. Research schools on your list with great depth.
o Register for any fall SATs, ACTs and SAT IIs.
o Prepare for fall SATs, ACTs and SAT IIs; consider signing up for a summer prep course.
o Decide whether you would like to apply early decision or early action to your top choice.
o Go online and start filling out applications and supplements. You can work on your applications and save them without sending. Fill these out thoughtfully and thoroughly so that when you return in September you have serious drafts.
o Use the summer to write and edit the additional essays that some colleges require.
o Research financial aid options.
o Come up with a method for organizing the different elements of your applications so that you have a clear system for keeping track of deadlines.
o Research and apply to scholarships.
o Make the bulk of your college visits.

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