by Erin C '14 by Neha M '14

10 Tips For New Bees

(1.) Do not procrastinate.  You’ll regret it at 2 o’clock in the morning.
(2.) Do not throw textbooks out of the window. (It’s happened before.) Do not hide them either.
(3.) Do not attempt to do martial arts by kicking bathroom stall doors because someone WILL chip his tooth.
(4.) Make sure if you’re going to the fifth floor pool to travel with a teacher.
(5.) If your backpack weighs more than 20 pounds, lighten up your load.  File your notes and use your locker.
(6.) If you have any problems, don’t be afraid to talk to your advisor, other teachers, or the Guidance Counselor.
(7.) Don’t fall asleep in class unless you want a rude awakening.
(8.) Take initiative in your grade and in the school.  You decide how fun or depressing your years will be at BSGE.
(9.) Do not send “love” notes in class.  Teachers will get the wrong idea.
(10.) Join the BaccRag! It’s awesome and helps with community and service hours!

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