by Ariel T '14

BSGE Gets A Band

This year the BSGE band, run by Ms. Nikkolos is back. It is not necessary to know how to play an instrument to join. This year, more than ever, she hopes to improve the musicians involved. The band will be playing interesting pieces that will highlight the talent of the band members. Ms. Nikkolos tries to choose popular music from an online source to keep students and audience members interested when the band performs. “Last year’s band was beautiful and successful,” Ms. Nikkolos shares. There are many returning band members, but there is always room for more people. “We always need more in the drum section,” said Ms. Nikkolos.  The band has a tuba,  a French Horn, and some trombones but no people to play them.
Ms. Nikkolos warns that it is a big responsibility because there is a practice three times a week. General meetings are held on Tuesdays; Wednesday, and Thursday are when specific groups practice and play. Ms. Nikkolos will be having some accomplished musicians from outside the school help with the classes in order to make it possible for students to enter a citywide competition. Students in the music elective are guaranteed a place in the band.
9th Grader, Lina Rahmani gave us an inside look at the BSGE band. Her favorite part of being in the band is playing her instrument in school with her friends. She tries her best to practice a lot, on top of the mandatory sessions. She has really been enjoying the band but one place for improvement “is for people to have fun with it.” It is important to the success of the band for people to have fun while practicing so that they can enjoy it even when their is a lot of music to learn.
Although most students have heard of the band, they have not considered joining it. When asked about the band most people had heard of it but many students have not thought of joining the band.  “I do not know how to play an instrument, if I did I would consider it,” said Lauren Katzenstein, 9th grade. Many people are unaware that one doesn’t need to know how to play an instrument to join the band.
The school band is a great after-school activity. Many people in the school have participated in music class in 7th grade and look forward to playing instruments, especially the drums.


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