by Amy A '11

I Survived! Advice From a Senior

Welcome to IB! There is an intense transition regarding the amount of work from sophomore year to junior year here at BSGE. Not only is the workload more intense, but the teachers’ expectations of their students are a lot higher as well. In eleventh grade, the teachers want to see a lot of dedication put into their students’ homework, extended assignments, portfolios and class participation.  On top of all of the school work, junior year also marks the beginning of the long college process and the Extended Essay. SAT prep, ACT prep and IB exams are also on the minds of students in the junior class. Procrastination was a big problem for the eleventh grade last year. Assignments that count a significant amount toward one’s grade tend to accumulate at the same time. Don’t save them all for the last minute!
After asking a few juniors what their expectations were upon entering eleventh grade, I generally found that they are all very anxious for their junior year. Baris Tokac for example, says that “the work load seems overwhelming but so far I have started out extremely well and I hope that it continues to go the way it’s going now for me.” The SAT worries him because it will require a lot of independent studying. Adrien Carrere, another current junior, is not looking forward to all of the work in the upcoming months. “My stream just got assigned a practice math portfolio and now I am nervous for the real IB portfolios,” he explains. Alexandra Lelis’ main concern for her junior year are CAS hours, SAT prep and finishing assignments on time. Grades received during junior year are a determining factor for college admissions officers. College admissions officers want to see an increase in grades from the first semester of junior year to the first semester of senior year.
Putting the heavy workload in eleventh grade aside, junior year could also be a lot of fun. Being a junior means you are a year and a half away from prom and graduation! Peers need to come together and start to raise money for their class. The members of Junior Council help to raise money for prom, graduation, the senior trip and yearbook. A lot of time and effort needs to be put into Junior Council in order to have a successful year. Planning school dances, having candy sales and increasing school spirit are a few of the fun things that the junior class at BSGE takes part in.
Juniors, try not to stress this year. All of your hard work will pay off in the near future. Make sure to work hard and also have fun! We wish you luck, class of 2012!

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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