by Angie V '14

No More Debate At BSGE

Mr. Wolov, the 8th and 9th grade humanities teacher, and the former coach/founder of the debate team said, “There is no more debate team because basically there was no more money. We had no funds so we couldn’t have a debate team anymore.” Even though many debaters are disappointed that the debate team is no longer here, they had no control over it.
Many of the people who were part of the debate team are devastated and mad about the situation because they had put their time and effort into this club. Mariam Bhatti, a former debater says, “I guess that I’m really upset that there is no longer a debate team in BSGE. This is because I really enjoyed it and invested a lot of time into it. I learned many concepts and thinking strategies through participating in it, and although there is no longer a team it wasn’t a waste of time at all. The debate team exposed you to so much new information that you wouldn’t ever learn in a classroom. I really enjoyed the competition and you got to meet new people at every tournament. Everyone was wiling to do the work necessary in order to win. I think everyone that was in the debate team feels the same but we can’t do anything about it.”


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