by Neha M '14

In Defense of the Social Network Phenomenon

What is the first word you think of when you think of Social Networking? If you are like most people, Facebook probably comes to mind.  Facebook is THE social networking site with more than 500 million active users.  It seems as though everyone has a Facebook nowadays from second and third graders to some senior citizens and teachers for that matter.  Facebook is the site teenagers and adults use the most; constantly updating their statuses, adding pictures, writing on peoples’ walls making it an ever-changing website. This generation is addicted/obsessed with social networking moving from Facebook to Twitter to Tumblr.
Having a Facebook has its pros and cons.  Many times people find themselves distracted because of Facebook (there’s always something to do) and often blame it for their procrastination.  After all, people spend more than 700 billion minutes on Facebook per month.  How anyone gets anything done is a wonder! Another wonder, Facebook makes things public to everyone and it’s easy to find out information. If you know someone’s name you can type it in and view their profile, pictures, etc.  There’s little use of privacy and security of information as few people use the privacy settings in a strict way.  Megan Mehta’14 said, “Sometimes it gets distracting, but people are addicted to it and go on for no reason.”  But Facebook has much more to offer than a way to procrastinate and publicly display your life.  Facebook’s main purpose is to help communicate with people that they met anywhere from 10 years ago to a few hours ago.  It helps users and students keep up with what’s going on in their school and community and it helps adults balance their work and social life at the same time.  People are just to do as they please on Facebook.  You can play games, write on your friend’s walls, post pictures, lyrics, quotes, join groups and even like things.  Maddie Aleman’13 said, “Personally, I think people are constantly on it and I feel like I know exactly what people are doing everyday which I think is what people love doing here, just sharing their lives with people.”
Even with thousands of people posting things on Facebook this very second and the thousands of people joining, people claim that Facebook is dying. Ever since the spring of this year there have been less posts, and less activities to do on Facebook.  Before, every month there was something new to do creating a shared obsession between everyone.  First it was taking the quizzes, then Farmville, following that posting people as the random figures in pictures, and next the “liking” spree, following liking comments but now there seems like there is nothing new to do which makes people bored.  Moises Garcia’14 said, “I saw a huge decline, so I quit. That and I have a life outside of Facebook which is what many people are realizing.” On the other hand, people see that there is no stop to Facebook and this is just a rough patch.  Jessica Koziol claims, “There have been less and less posts but everyday more and more people join.  I think that people still use it, but just don’t have as much time for it anymore.”  Is Facebook heading toward the Myspace path?  Maybe not, because as the school year progresses more and more people start getting back on Facebook.  During the summer and spring everyone is out but now everyone is forced to stay inside and many people decide to spend their time on Facebook.
Facebook is a topic of controversy for many people.   Facebook has been the center of attention for millions of people.  With just a click of a button you can communicate with others from around the world and share ideas, perspectives and opinions about anything.  It’s not just a mindless trend but a way for the everyone to come together.

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