by Nelly L '15

Mouse Squad

The BSGE after school club “Mouse Squad” has been around for a long time, but not many people actually know what Mouse Squad is. Mouse Squad is an organization that helps the school fix computers and learn about programming computers. It also provides community and service hours. Anyone can join the Mouse Squad; experience is not required; Aadesire to learn about computers is all that is needed. Current members of the Mouse Squad range from grades 7th through 11th  grade. Mouse Squad meets every Tuesday and Thursday for about an hour or more and is supervised by Mr. Shantanu Saha, who explains that Mouse Squad is  a, “club for students that are interested in  technology and is a tech-support program.”
Mouse Squad is a great organization where people learn about computers and technology which can help them in the future. Students learn what it’s like to be a technician or an engineer. Although many people say that technology is trashing the minds of many people, in the end it is very useful in your day to day activities and in modern society. We have grown to be extremely dependent on technology these days, but as useful as it is, it’s even more difficult for people to actually fix these new technological systems. That’s why Mouse Squad is here! The Mouse Squad provides students with both an activity as well as a means of learning about technology and enhancing their own knowledge.

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