by BACC Rag staff

April Fools’ Day Issue Gets Pulled, Revised, and Redistributed

On April 1st the Bacc Rag tried to make a joke. A fake front page was published (similar to the one on this issue) to play an April Fools’ joke on the student body and administration. The front page photo was a photoshopped image of Justin Bieber in front of the school building and the main headline was “BSGE to Merge with Frank Sinatra in September 2011.” The article described the (fake) budgetary reasons for the merger and included (fake) quotes from (fake) DOE spokespeople, including Ash Ketchum (from Pokemon), the DOE Minister of Nickels and Dimes. The article became more and more ridiculous (a test of how many poeple read more than the first few sentences).
What followed was entirely unexpected.  The Principal of Frank Sinatra HS misunderstood the nature of the article and requested we not distribute the issue.  Before the offended principal made the request, Ms. Johnson had Bacc Rag members collect the papers they distributed throughout the school.   To this day Ms. Johnson doesn’t know whether or not her colleague understood that the article was a joke. When creating the issue, our intention was only to inspire a few laughs only at the expense of BSGE. Apparently, we were not clear enough about the humorous nature of the front page. The issue you are now holding is a reprint of that issue but with a few changes. More information about the misunderstanding will be printed in the next issue of the Bacc Rag. Thank you for reading and please enjoy!

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