BSGE Blood Suckers

On February 17th BSGE hosted yet another blood drive and it was once again a success. The goal was to collect 34 pints and 28 total pints were collected. Although we did fall short of the goal, the blood center was pleased with the amount of blood collected relative to the size of our school.
The number of people who registered to donate was also impressive. 46 people were scheduled but 18 people were turned down because either their iron count was too low, their blood pressure was too high or low, or they failed to meet the height and weight requirements.
It is difficult for BSGE to collect many pints because the age requirement is 16 and the majority of the school is not old enough. But, every year, a relatively large proportion of eligible students and teachers sign up to donate.
Blood donations are extremely important. According to the Red Cross, one out of every three Americans will need a life saving blood transfusion and every 2 seconds someone needs blood. But only 3 out of every 100 people donate blood.
This is unacceptably low and leads to many blood shortages that can threaten lives.
Donating blood takes less than an hour and the one pint that they take from a donor can save up to three lives. The next blood drive will hopefully be in the first week of June and all eligible students are urged to donate.


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