by Neha M '14

Debate Team Revived

Earlier in the year it was announced that BSGE’s policy debate team was canceled after several successful years.  Although avidly supported by students, due to a lack of funds, it could not continue. BSGE students already face a limited number of after-school activities and removing debate, one of the students’ favorite, was devastating. However, this past December the Debate Team was bought back.    Open to all, the debate team is now coached by Lenny Herrera and supervised by Ms. Matani, BSGE humanities teacher.  Ms. Matani said, “I think it’s great it’s starting up again and being a supervisor not a coach, I’m learning a lot.” The PTA set funding aside for the team to go to competitions.  The debate team hopes to be attending these competitions by next year since tournaments are over in two months and they aren’t ready to go for this year.
Many of last year’s debaters have returned this year and are excited to be a part of the team. Dorian Nousias ’13 said, “I’m really happy that the team is back.  I went to debate camp over the summer and being on the debate team makes it worth it.  Our coach, Lenny, is amazing and I can’t wait to go to tournaments next year.”
The debate team has also introduced its rookies to debate. They have been creating arguments for the resolution (which is the topic being fought for and against) to show them how a tournament runs.  Isabel Castro ‘14 said, “I think it’s useful because we’re aware of worldly issues.  I really like it and I like that it’s run by a student because you don’t feel uncomfortable about teachers.”

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