by Samantha C '14

Why You Trippin’, Freshman? BSGE 9th Graders Go Ice Skating at Flushing Meadows

February 15th, tBSGE Freshman went ice skating on their first Council organized field trip. Thanks to the newly created Freshman Council, the 9th graders went to ice skate at World Ice Arena in Flushing Meadows Corona Park. The council members thought that planning a day trip would be much more feasible than an overnight one. Among ideas such as museums, amusement parks, and New York’s landmarks, ice-skating was one of the most requested one-day trips.
Once the trip was planned, the majority of the 9th grade was thrilled. According to the council, around 60 of the 70-something freshmen (and a few teacher chaperones) went ice-skating. One student, Raymond Fu ’14, commented, “it’s very educational if kids can go outside and play. It relaxes us from the stress we have in school.” Many of the freshmen who attended this school trip agreed. The time away from 5 or 6 periods of classes that day helped make the week really exciting. And the freshman class is a close group of friends. Vanessa Mejia ’14, said, “I thought that the trip was pretty fun. I would totally go to another 9th grade trip with all my friends.”
Gus Moriatis ’14 thought, “The best part [was] that the teachers did not say ‘Don’t do this, don’t do that.’” The few implied rules of the trip were to stay in the building, watch out for the little kids, and try to be safe and polite. However, this didn’t prevent all accidents. Raymond Fu ’14 recalls crashing into other 9th graders when Daniel Uvaydov almost skated into Raymond’s legs.
Earlier this month, just two and a half weeks after their first trip, the Freshman Council distributed surveys to 9th grade advisories. The surveys asked if the students enjoyed ice skating, if they would be able to go to either one-day trips, overnight trips, or both, how much money they’ll be willing to spend, and any suggestions for the next trip. According to the members of the council, not many helpful suggestions were made for the next field trip.
When asked face-to-face, however, a few students did have interesting ideas. Vanessa Mejia ’14 wondered whether roller skating or swimming would be a reasonable next trip. Moises Gracia ’14 suggested, “I think a picnic at central park or something on the lines of going outside rather than an indoor place [would be fun]. Nature is healthy.” Giuliana Videla ’14 had many ideas as well. She thought, “the movies, Six Flags, or Splish Splash sounds fun!” Though Six Flags and Splish Splash are major trips that would require a lot more planning and funds, a picnic in the park or going to the movies may not be too difficult.
To gain funds, the freshman council had a bake sale earlier this month. Member Emily LuShing says, “We don’t know where we’re going yet but we’re just trying to get the money.” They’re planning ahead so that some of the funds would already be in their hands by that time.
Since the first school field trip was a success, and a lot of fun, the Freshman Council are thanked and are hopeful for another triumph.

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