by Rakia I '16 by Silvia C '16 by Winnie S '16

No, It’s Not That Kind of Pie

On March 14, Ms Hernandez and Ms Lambrini’s Math students in 7 and 8 grade celebrated Pi day. This day is known as Pi day because of the first three digits of Pi, the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, are 3.14.  Some people mistakenly think the day is a celebration of pie not of a math constant.  It turns out that March 14th is also Albert Einstein’s birthday, a further cause for celebration. Students brought in chips, cookies, munchkins, soda and juice, and of course, pie to celebrate the occasions. Students prepared projects in their groups such as plays, poems, the History of Pi, and a presentation on Albert Einstein. Students also memorized Pi to at least 30 digits (Pi is an infinite series of numbers), read a book called “Dragon of Pi,” played a Pi trivia game, and performed the Buffon experiment.  A Buffon experiment is when you use a bunch of needles and draw 5 lines.  If you drop the needle on the table, you will find that one of two things happens: (1) The needle crosses or touches one of the lines, or (2) the needle crosses no lines. The idea now is to keep dropping this needle over and over on the table, and to record the statistics. Namely, we want to keep track of both the total number of times that the needle is randomly dropped on the table (call this N), and the number of times that it crosses a line (call this C). If you keep dropping the needle, eventually you will find that the number 2N/C approaches the value of pi! Ms. Hernandez said, “I basically liked all of them [the projects and activities]!”

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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