by Erin C '14

2011’s Yearbook Truly Represents

The 2010-2011 yearbook definitely captures the spirit of this year’s senior class.  Beginning with a Dr. Seuss quote on friendship, the idea that close friendships have developed are evident throughout the book. It seems that each page is loaded with pictures of friends having fun. The yearbook also emphasizes all the good times that the seniors have had throughout the year. Pictures of events like Lounge Night, Spirit Week, Senior Trip, and the trip to Denmark are included.
Features that are usually in yearbooks can also be found in this one. School pictures of each student can be found next to their chosen baby picture. Pictures of clubs, groups, and sports teams take up a few pages. Two pages full of “Remember when…” quotes from students are funny for any reader and a great chance for the seniors to reminisce about their years spent in BSGE. This yearbook has all the features necessary for creating something that people can look back on in years to come and remember their high school years.
Even though this yearbook has the standard pages, BSGE’s Sting pride still shows up. Cartoon bees and hives show up on many of the pages. The yearbook staff paid special attention to the six years that most students spent in BSGE. Pages of this year’s seniors in seventh to twelfth grade help the nostalgic feel of the yearbook. Reading through the yearbook, the relationships that the students have formed and the good times that they have had are emphasized.
Virge and the yearbook staff did a great job of creating the classic yearbook with a BSGE flair. Flipping through the pages, students will laugh and remember the best times that they had at BSGE. Even though the seniors are looking forward to college and the rest of their lives, this yearbook will serve as a reminder of their BSGE family.


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