by Zoe P '16

Tech Students Connect With the Outside

In Technology, the students of the seventh grade are not only learning about computer programs and websites, but they are also learning about things happening around the world. They learned about the earthquake in Japan and other natural disasters like the tornado in Joplin, Missouri. They are currently in the middle of a Multi-Media project that is about something important happening in the world. The seventh graders have been exploring websites, and programs to make the Multi-Media project such as VoiceThread and IMovie. They have been creating projects on these websites and programs to figure out how they work. This way, if the students choose to create their projects using these websites and programs, they will be familiar with them and they will be able to create their presentation easier than if they had not explored them earlier.
This is not the only component of the project though. There are other assignments that have to be completed for the students to have a ‘completed’ project. They must have written three blog posts about what students have been saying about the Japan earthquake and should have posted them on YouthVoices, Created a VoiceThread about a student in their class, post it on VoiceThread, and share it with their stream and grade. They also must have completed an IMovie about their IB Learner Profile traits to learn how tom use the IMovie application.
This Multi-Media presentation will be a way to communicate with others who have experienced natural disasters or students who want to learn about these natural disasters. This project is also a great way to learn about what is going on around the world.

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