by Jolijt T '11

Thank You Notes

The Bacc Rag experienced its first taste of controversy in April. Our right to free speech (and our right to make a joke) was ignored when the issues were collected. But I am grateful it happened because it gave me a moment to reflect on the amazing opportunity that I have had working on this newspaper at BSGE. Over the past six years, many, many people have been extremely supportive.
When Kristen Spang, Nathan Nikolic and I first approached then-principal Bill Stroud about creating a newspaper for the seventh grade he didn’t hesitate. Mr. Aly Lakhaney signed on as adviser. The “Popcorn Weekly” was born and distributed (kinda) weekly for two years. In the 100th issue, we announced that we would become “The Bacc Rag,” a tabloid-sized, school-wide newspaper.
Not once did someone question (at least not to our faces) whether we could do it. In fact, support was rampant from the very first issue onwards.
Through The Bacc Rag, BSGE has given me more than I ever imagined.
I learned how to take my ideas and myself seriously but not too seriously. I learned to think before I speak and to think twice before I write. I learned that although words are powerful, they rarely say enough (learned this one while trying to write this editorial). For these lessons I owe many people “thank yous.”
Thank you to BSGE’s parents, who usually spoke with great encouragement. Thank you to BSGE’s administration and staff.
Thank you to BSGE’s teachers, many of whom, in April, assured me that they had stashed contraband issues.
Thank you to my parents for always being understanding (even when I chose The Bacc Rag over doing homework).
Thank you to the many, many people that were/are on a Popcorn Weekly or Bacc Rag staff. You all put up with the hard work, stress, and me.
Speaking of with putting up with me, thank you Ms. Johnson. You always support us but you also kept a deliberate distance, giving The Bacc Rag the freedom necessary to learn responsible journalism.
Finally, thank you Mr. Aly Lakhaney. You taught me most of what I have learned from The Bacc Rag. Through your actions you showed me how to be diplomatic, thoughtful and dedicated.
Ms. Johnson said that the incident with Frank Sinatra taught her that she is “fortunate to have the BSGE community.” So is The Bacc Rag and so was I.
While it does hurt to write my name on an issue for the last time, I do so with full confidence that with Mr. Lakhaney, our new editor-in-chief, Erin Camia, and BSGE, The Bacc Rag can continue to improve with every issue.

By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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