by Erin C '14

Japan Charity Raffle At BSGE

Ms. Matani’s tenth grade advisory organized a raffle in an effort to raise money for the victims of the March 11 earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  On that day, a 8.9 magnitude earthquake occurred off the east coast, about 250 miles northeast of Tokyo. It was so powerful that it shook the earthquake-resistant skyscrapers of the city.  It triggered a tsunami that caused even more damage along the coast of Japan. This resulted in large waves that reached about 6 miles inland at some places. According to the Japanese National Police Agency, 15,057 deaths have been confirmed, 5,282 people were injured, and 9,121 people are still missing. It also caused nuclear reactors to explode, endangering the lives of anybody living in the area.
Students bought tickets for the chance to win a fourth generation iPod touch and to support the victims in Japan. The advisory raised about 415 dollars and sold around 200 tickets. On April 29, the winner was announced. Ms. Africano, the 11th and 12th grade Spanish teacher, won the iPod touch. Ms. Africano bought about thirty tickets, which means she spent fifteen dollars on the raffle.
Ms. Matani and her students have decided to donate the money that was raised to the American Red Cross for Japan. The money will help Japanese families get essentials like food and water, and help them survive the aftermath of this natural disaster.

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