by Isabel C '14

BSGE’s New Ninth Graders

BSGE welcomes some fresh new ninth grade faces. When asked what their first impression of the school was, Laura Agosto said, “It seemed like a secure environment compared to my old school that was deep in a ghetto area.” Some students were not just fascinated by the area in which our school is located. Another student, Lauren Hallisey, commented, “It’s a really nice environment, and the people are nice.” When asked about their impression of the students and teachers, Gabriella Bayshtok said, “The kids seem disciplined, and the teachers are nice and organized.” Laura was just satisfied with having teachers that “make you feel like you learn something new everyday and challenge you.” Of course first impressions are not the only things that make up the first day of school. Laura went on to say, “My best experience was probably being able to meet new people.” While this was great for the new students, sadly to every best experience there is a worst experience. Lauren said, “Having a lot of homework was probably the worst part of school.” Some students seemed to find the positive side to any situation (even going to school). Gabriela said, “I didn’t have a bad experience.” Despite all of their experiences and impressions they are now part of the BSGE crowd.


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