by Ricardo A '13

Juniors Visit the Emily Fisher Landau Art Center

On, November 11th, the 11th grade went to visit the Emily Fisher Landau Art Center, located in Astoria. There, students were exposed to various art pieces to help expand their knowledge of art, mediums on which to make art and, BSGE’s Art teacher Mr. Sheridan put it, to define what art can be. The students would then choose a piece of art where they would complete a critical research paper on it. Ms. McCabe, another art teacher in BGSE, really liked that “the gallery contained a large variety of contemporary art” and hoped that a piece there captured the student’s attention. She believes that since students usually view art on a computer screen it diminishes the way to view the art pieces because that is not how the artist primarily intended people to examine it. The gallery allowed students to elicit different reactions since they were able to view art in actual person, thus allowing them to see it from a distance, or up close. It changes the way people can experience the art pieces. The Landau Center is now closed, and all of the art there has been donated to the Whitney Museum of American Art.

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