by Steven A '14

BSGE’s Boys Basketball Team: Sting’s First Win

The BSGE boys basketball team is headed by 7th grade English teacher Mr. Anderson and this year they appear more serious than ever. Their record for the previous school year was 0-14, and yes, they lost all of their games. As an initiative to improve the team, Mr. Anderson has been working with the squad on team chemistry and how they can make their jobs easier on the court. Surprisingly enough, the basketball team won a game this year against Millennium High School on November 23rd. The score was 22-23 with the game’s winning shot made by Julian Benayoun ‘12 who shot 14 points. There are games every Monday and Wednesday and they practice every other day of the week. Their home games take place at the YMCA on Queens Boulevard and 33rd St.
The team has been improving their game more efficiently than previous years but there is still a problem with experience. Coach Anderson believes that starting young will help the team improve. “If we can get more people to play at an earlier age, they will get more experience and get better, and I think what’s happened in the past three years at least is that we had a lot of people come to us in senior year and start playing with us and that is not a lot of time to develop. I hope kids come earlier so they can get better and have more time to develop.” Coach Anderson went on to say that the team is usually filled with students who have never played in a competitive environment and that really begins to show when it comes to game time. His answer to this problem was to set up more scrimmage games and get his players more game time experience so they can learn and develop quicker.
However, the basketball team is showing signs of improvement and determination more so than ever before. Senior guard/foreward Julian Benayoun remarks, “we are finally starting to play with a little more hustle and a little more heart, because up until now it was a little lackluster, but now I am starting to see a little more drive from the guys.” This surge of heart and determination was able to lead the Sting (our school mascot) to their first win in who knows how long, but the team has lost every game since then. Regardless, the players are still enthusiastic about their team and their upcoming schedule, which has them playing ten more games after Winter break and an upcoming trip to Massachusetts which will have them play scrimmage games against Coach Anderson’s former boarding school. One of the ten upcoming games in the Stings’ schedule is the Frank Sinatra game on January 4th. Being that the game will be a block away from BSGE, Mr. Anderson encourages everyone to go and show their support for the Stings. This might be one of their easiest games on their schedule – considering playing FSSA was the closest they got to winning last year – which may result in their first regular season win. Not only can this be the Stings’ first win but this is the yearly climax of whatever rivalry BSGE and Frank Sinatra have between each other with the winner gaining bragging rights over the loser.

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