by BACC Rag staff

Lady Sting Softball Season Starts 3/21

BSGE’s “Lady Sting” softball team began their first pre-season practice of the year recently. The all girls team are having a few changes to start off their season such as new players, and some old ones leaving. Some new players added to the team are Ariel Taub ‘14, Ashley Narvais ‘12, Jade Ashley Thomas ‘13 and a few others.  Although many Seniors that graduated in June have left the team, the “stingers” are still keeping up with practice and are determined for their next game. The team practices in BSGE’s cafegymatorium every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday after 8th period, coached by Virge Ramos and assistant coach Steve Witting. Their schedule for the Spring season games are already posted on the PSAL website.

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