by Maya J '16

BSGE Finishes 4th in Queens Math Competition

BSGE Students at the Queens Math Competition held at Queens College. From left to right, 8th graders, Tracy Zheng,
Maya Juman, Risa Parham, 7th graders, Justin Hamlin and Kyle Ni. Photo Credit: Mo Math Staff

BSGE’s middle school students finished 4th in the Museum of Math Queens Math Competition on Tuesday, March 13th.  The math competition open to 7th and 8th graders across Queens took place in Queens College. Sponsored by Museum of Math (which is set to open in Manhattan later this year) and Con Edison, the competition accepted one team of 5 students (including both grades) from each participating middle school. BSGE’s team won 4th place out of the 25 schools involved.

The contest consisted of 3 rounds – one individual round, and two group rounds – all in the form of a test, but in level 2, the whole team worked together to solve the problems, and in level 3, students were mixed up with students from other schools. Each round had a time limit. “This competition is about thinking creatively,” Mr. Mehan says. “But it is also about thinking efficiently.”
Almost 70 BSGE students from 7th and 8th grade signed up to try out for this competition. The math teachers (Mr. Heine, Mr. Mehan, and Ms. Tambouratzi) organized an in-house test to determine who would proceed to the team. The test was the first individual round of last year’s contest. “I’m pretty sure we could have passed it with the knowledge we have gained over the years,” Yuchen Jin said. “It was doable.” Others felt differently. “The test was difficult,” Christian Trotti explained. “It required me to apply my understanding to new levels.”
After the first round, the group was narrowed down to 11 students. Another in-house test took place, and the final 5 students were decided – Justin Hamlin ’17, Kyle Ni ’17, Tracy Zheng ’16, Risa Parham ’16, and Maya Juman ’16.
On Tuesday, March 13th, the BSGE math team headed to Queens College, and spent a day competing against many other middle schools, including Russell Sage, the United Nations International School, and more. On the day of the competition, the team was a bit scared. “I’m a little nervous,” said Justin Hamlin. However, Mr. Mehan, who accompanied the team to Queens College, was confident. “I’m very excited,” he said. “We’re going to do great.” Mr. Heine also felt the same way. “I think we’ll do fine. We teach high school math here, so they are well prepared.”
The students spent a full day at Queens College, participating in activities organized by the Museum of Math, taking the tests, and reviewing the solutions. During the lunch break, the team discussed how they felt they did. “We are probably going to rank in the top half of the schools,” Risa Parham said. After a tiebreak round, the award ceremony took place.
BSGE ranked 4th out of all the middle schools participating, and the team brought back a trophy and medals. MS 67 won first place. In addition to the team award, two members of the group, Kyle Ni and Justin Hamlin, won 2nd and 3rd place respectively in the individual awards. The team was happy with how they represented the school. “I’m so proud of how we did,” Mr. Mehan said. Mr. Heine added, “Considering this is the first time BSGE has ever participated in this contest, we did really well.”

To see more pictures of the competition, click here.

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