by Neha M '14

IB Sisters

It seems that every time “IB” or “International Baccalaureate” is mentioned in a conversation, the following remarks tend to be ones of confusion. The IB program is one that is not very common in high schools around the United States; It offers an extensive and very rigor- ous curriculum that covers a wide range of subjects. Out of more than 20,000 schools in the only about

1, 300 offer an IB curriculum. 295 offer the “Primary Years” program, 444 offer the Middle Years program and 743 offer the Diploma program. Out of all fifty states, New York is the single state with the with the most IB schools, 13, in one of its cities, New York City. Besides, BSGE, South Side High school in Long Island, The Dwight School and United National High school in Manhattan are all New York City high schools offering the IB program. South Side High School which implemented the IB pro- gram in 1990, before BSGE was created, has had an astounding success rate the past two decades. Through the 1990’s, out of the thousand students in South Side, only a handful chose

to complete the Diploma Program, but as time passed by the number of students in the curriculum increased. Their reports indicate in 2007, 75% of its students received the diploma. Com- pared to BSGE, South Side currently offers 26 different IB courses such as Arabic, Theater, Art Appreciation and more.

The Dwight School is located on the Upper West Side and offers grades K-12; Unlike BSGE, this high school not only offers the Diploma Program, but implements the Primary Years Program and Middle Years Program. In 1996, it became the third IB school in the nation to offer all three IB programs. The Dwight School first introduced the IB curriculum to its students in 1980. Students who attend the Dwight School can either chose to get a Diploma or certificate, where only one subject is taken at the IB level. However, unlike this high school, BSGE prepares all of its students for the IB program rather than just a class of “honor” students. The United Nations Inter- national School, is also one that offers grades K-12 with 1,500 students. All UNIS students are IB students, however, they have two choices to pick from. Like The Dwight school, students can either choose their IB classes and receive a certificate for each one chose, or get an IB Diploma for all six subjects. Al- though the IB curriculum is one that is unknown, it is silently sweeping the nation.

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