by Ana M '14 Reviews BSGE

The website is known for reviewing high schools all over New York, and now, they have reviewed our very own BSGE. In fact, last week, we were even featured on the front page, which is screen-capped below. The website ranks schools based on criteria ranging from daily attendance to college readiness. There is a pros and cons list, and a slideshow of pictures taken in the school. Students and parents can also leave comments, agreeing or disagreeing with the review.
BSGE received good marks in almost every criteria: a 98% graduation rate, 95% daily attendance, a 94% six year graduation rate (percent of students who graduate within six years) and 97% college readiness. 98% of students met the state standard for reading, and an impressive 100% of students met the state standard for math. The school was praised for its relaxed and friendly environment, something which this school seems to be known for. The review brings up the rigorous curriculum that we’re also known for, calling the amount of work we get done daily “impressive”.
The review isn’t all good, though. One con that they brought up is how small the school is, and our lack of clubs and after school activities, though they do give the newspaper an honorable mention for, well, actually existing. They also mention our lack of a gym and sports equipment, as well as a shortage of computers. As a whole, though, they were very positive about our school.
To read this review, click here If you agree or disagree with anything said, leave a comment!

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