by Isabel C '14

Places to Go For Lunch

Panera Bread– It’s four blocks away from school on 38st and 35 ave, but the walk is worth the seven dollar Panini, in particular the chipotle chicken.

Chopstick King- This chinese food restaurant is across the street at the corner. Convenient place, however the people there take at least 10 minutes to give you your food even if you’re the only person there…

Dunkin’ Donuts- If you enjoy breakfast items such as bagels and cream cheese, sausage and egg on an English muffin and coffee, then this is probably the best option. There is one by the N and Q train station and another by Frank Sinatra School of Arts.

Napoli’s- Its 3 blocks from school and the most you’ll pay for a slice of pizza and a drink is 5 dollars. While you’re waiting for your slice of pizza you can enjoy the Italian channel that’s always on the TV.

Joe’s Pizzeria- Compared to Napolis, they have a very limited variety but the service is about the same, and it’s only two blocks away from school towards the N and Q train station.

Seven Eleven– It’s only two blocks away from school going towards the R train station (although the blocks are longer). You can buy 2 taquitos for 3 dollars and where else can you get beef jerky and a slushie in one place?

Hot dog and gyros stands- These stands are on the same block as the entrance to the R train station. If you get a gyro with hot sauce, don’t forget to buy a bottle of water because you’re going to need it.

Subway– Conveniently near Dunkin’ Donuts, so you can get hot chocolate and a sandwich of your choosing if you want the best of both worlds. Keep in mind that a five dollar foot long is never ACTUALLY five dollars, but seven.

Delis– If you only have three dollars and are very hungry, you can easily get a sandwich and a drink at either the deli across the street or at the corner of the school to satisfy your appetite.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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