by Isabelle M '17

7th Graders Reflect on Their Time at BSGE

7th graders in BSGE think that the teachers are better than the teachers they had previously in 6th grade. “The teachers in my old school didn’t really look like they knew the stuff.” Jay Schleyer commented. “The teachers are nicer and they really try to get you to learn the concept and all the information while the other teachers may not know the difference of if you’re falling behind or not.” Leeana Johnston added. 7th graders had liked BSGE teachers better because they feel that the teachers were more helpful and supportive. “Well they really tried to help you if you fell behind and they really, like, they seem that they just really care if you passed or failed.” Leeana Johnston said.
Not only did the teachers change when 7th graders started going to BSGE, the schedules have also been different from the 7th grader’s old schools. “I like the 70-minute classes a lot.” Jay Schleyer admits, “We learn so much more in a day than we normally would with 45 minute classes. The A/B schedule is a little confusing for me. At the end of a long vacation, I’m going crazy, frantically calling and texting students, asking them, ‘ is tomorrow an A day or a B day?’ But in some ways, is good, because it not only gives you two days to do your homework, but it also gives you the opportunity to ask your teachers questions about the homework from the previous day. I found that very convenient.” For a lot of 7th graders the A/B schedule was different from their old school because in their old school they would have every subject every day. “I think the A/B schedule is a creative way to form a schedule because it doesn’t give you a bunch of subjects to cram at a time.”  Najuwa Jamal remarks.
However, 7th graders are uncomfortable commuting because taking public transportation is a new experience for them.  “It’s also a little uncomfortable taking public transportation—I still feel scared on the subway.” Jay Schleyer says, “That’s something that might take me a while to get used to.” 7th graders also have to also have to wake up earlier in the morning to travel to BSGE. “Definitely—I don’t like to get up early, and I don’t feel comfortable taking the train.” Jay Schleyer added.
Even though 7th graders don’t particularly like commuting to school, many like yoga the best out of all the classes. “Yoga is a lot of fun, and it’s relaxing. I like it much more than gym class.” Jay Schleyer commented. Yoga has been an interesting experience for the 7th graders. “I like, so far, I like yoga, because its really interesting and how we learn it is really good and we have our own things and we learn history, its not about the physical part, we also learn about history, so, yeah, that’s fun.” Najwa Jamal states.
Another new experience for the 7th graders was being in the same building as high school students. “There haven’t been any real changes in opinion. I remember at the interview, my mother was asking a few of the other kids how the school was, and one girl has said, ‘In the school, the students are so nice and welcoming, and the older kids would be more than happy to help a 7th grader.’ That’s what I expected until I actually came. The seniors and the other older kids were the exact opposite of welcoming. They were rude and a little obnoxious.” Jay Schleyer said. Other 7th graders were a little shocked about the older kids. “I don’t really pay attention to them but like when I was walking in the hall way I’m like oh my God that guy has a mustache, like they’re so old.” Leeana Johnston remarks.


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