by Ariel T '14

BSGE’s 2012 IB Art Show

The BSGE Senior IB art exhibit is a main product of those working on the IB art show in which artwork is displayed, graded and sold through auction. The art show occurs every year in the month of April. However this year might be the last time because next year will be different. Students will submit work digitally online next year. According to Ms. McCabe, the teacher in charge of the show this year, “this will allow for there to be multiple art shows or exhibits at different times of the year. This is the last year in April but dates are set by IB.” The art show grand opening and reception, held on April 17th, went over extremely well. Students felt that it was very professional and the pieces were impressive, showed a lot of hard work. According to Robert Gajda in the tenth grade “I was surprised how many pieces each student had and I really loved how much color there was.  The finished pieces in the show are only part of the work the students completed during the 2-year course. In total students chose 12-18 pieces to display. A big part of the IB art course is a sketchbook that contains written research and plans for their artwork. Pages are selected as part of their candidate record book and that is a big component of the IB art program. The Investigative Work Book, IWB, sketchbooks are essential to the class but you don’t see evidence of that in the exhibit. A lot goes into the show; all artwork on exhibit is done during two years beginning in junior year. The exam is more than just putting the art on display in school. In addition to the IWB and the works on display there are omitted works, not included in what the students submit.
Ms. McCabe is new to the school and on the stress of putting on the show she said, “I knew that it would be a lot of work to get the students organized. I tried to let them know as early as possible what would be expected. We started planning in February but there were preparations done at the last minute”. This art show was similar to previous shows she has been a part of. She shared “No matter how many art shows I’ve been a part of I still get excited by exhibiting student artwork.” Overall people were very pleased with how the show turned out. Ms. McCabe said “Several pieces stood out, definitely the work by Sofia Chelpon. She worked in many art forms in the last months and worked with new media.” Media is the plural for medium, another word for art form, such as sculpture or painting. There was, for many students “a big transformation over a short period of time including several big ambitious projects within the last few months”-Ms. McCabe. Robert Gajda noticed this, “specifically the colorful elephants stand out.”
The positive reviews of the art teachers were met by positive responses of those viewing the show. When at the show Francisco Barros, 10th grade, shared “I was impressed, there were many different artworks and they each had a different theme.” After seeing the show Francisco, who is an IB art candidate for next year, said, “I feel that a lot is expected of me, and that I have a high standard to meet because some of the art didn’t look like high school art but instead famous art.”
Students in the show worked hard to create the fun and often meaningful pieces on display. Sofia Chelpon, one of the seniors presenting her art, went on a journey when making her art saying that she started making artwork at the beginning of junior year, but didn’t start making anything for the show until the end of last year. “When I stopped working with a theme and instead tried things outside my comfort zone, like linoleum when they ran out of canvas, I liked it and the end result more.” For future students in the IB Art program a lesson to be learned from Sofia is to abandon a theme that you do not feel connected to as soon as possible. “I’m most proud of the work I started doing at the very end…Once I got the technical skill, it was much more rewarding to be able to paint what made me happy rather than having to worry about my theme.” she said. When working on the art it is clear that the students had fun with their assignments and that those that enjoyed what they did it well.
Ms. Johnson has recently approved the Purchase Prize Award. The Art Department is purchasing some of the senior artwork to become part of a developing permanent collection of BSGE art. The art is chosen not based on personal taste but on skill, development of artwork and mastery of medium as well as on developed, complex ideas expressed in the artwork. Stay tuned to see the art chosen in the Purchase Prize on display in the lobby!


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