Lily Berlin, BSGE’s Youtube Star

BSGE’s very own, Lily Brickman who also goes under the alias of Lily Berlin on stage, is an up and coming young artist. Her rendition of “Someone Like You” by Adele has gotten over thirty thousand views on YouTube alone and it doesn’t stop there.  Recently, Lily’s video was featured on an Italian Newscast a few months back Lily began singing when she was in fourth grade. She joined her schools chorus group and from there her love for music blossomed. Lily explains that she loved singing from then on and it became a little hobby of hers. “I didn’t sing for anyone, or for anything. It was pretty surprising how I just began to love it, so suddenly. From fourth grade on, it was my number one passion,” Lily said when asked why she began singing.
Most young artists have an idol- someone they admire and look up to for inspiration or just because they’re amazing people. Lily is no exception to this pattern. Her favorite artist is Adele. “She has an amazing voice, and she sings about meaningful things. The majority of the songs I sing are hers. I’ve seen interviews with her; and she has an amazing personality, too. She’s funny, and smart. She’s a fantastic role model for people of all ages.” But Lily doesn’t just like the Pop/Rock genre (which is what Adele’s album “21” is classified under) she’s interested in a variety of genres. I’m a fan of all genres. There are some pop songs that are amazing to sing to, while others are just too auto tuned, and they’re not really good for singing. There are many country songs (mainly Taylor Swift) that are pretty catchy and that I love to sing. I often sing Christina Aguilera, too, and she sings all genres. Overall, I stick to pop and country, they’re really fun and good to sing to.”
Some might wonder where the stage name “Lily Berlin” came from. Lily says, “The stage name I use is Lily Berlin. For starters, I was born in Berlin, Germany. I didn’t want to put my real name for thousands of people to see, and my parents weren’t all for it, either. My mom and I thought about various names: Lily Brook, Lily Bloom, Lily Belle, and Lily Blume (German for flower). We searched all of these names on Google, and all were taken for either a company or a person. We then came up with Lily Berlin, and at first, I had had my doubts. It sounded really cheesy to me. Then I kept thinking about it, and then I thought it wasn’t so bad. My mom eventually persuaded me to use it. The video was going to be ready in two days, and I couldn’t think of anything else. In the end, I gave in.” Lily’s music video was created in less than three days and was shot by a professional videographer. She says she was opting for a much more simple video in which she sang in a recording studio, but the lighting was completely off and the footage they had wasn’t completely usable. Her mom had then hired a professional to shoot the video, which took much less time and enhanced the quality substantially.
An Italian Newscast eventually got a hold of the video and featured Lily as an international up and coming artist. Lily didn’t do much to “advertise” her video though. She did not send it to the show and asked to be featured, the newscast managed to stumble onto it on their own. Lily did share her video on social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace, which did haul in attention from her friends and family. Congratulations Lily for your small step to success.