by Lydia S '15

Pi Day Celebrations

This March 14th, 2012 BSGE celebrated Pi Day like none other with Pi Day songs, games, presentations, food and of course, pie. Pi Day is a holiday committed to celebrating the mathematical constant of Pi, or 3.141596… It goes on forever. “Pi Day is the best day of the year. I love eating pie on that day. I learned how to find the circumference of an actual pie” commented an excited 9th grader, Christopher Birsan. Students got creative by writing new lyrics to familiar songs by artists such as Adele and Drake and turned it into a mathematical songs. Hopefully the BSGE tradition of celebrating Pi Day will keep on going. When asked for a comment on Pi Day, Mr. Mehan and Ms. Lambrini did not have a comment.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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