by Riya S '17

Private vs. Public Schools

Some seventh graders who came from private schools think that their transition to BSGE was big but manageable. Private schools have been believed to be more organized and strict compared to public schools. Some also feared that they may feel out of place a little with the new setting. “at first it was hard but, what made it easier was that both of them were small  settings and friend from my old school helped me to adjust.” said Eleni Zamagias
According to seventh graders private schools seem to have a better approach in organizing their events compared to public school, and specifically BSGE. Many private schools seem to think about their events ahead of time while BSGE seems work down to the wire. Many of BSGE’s events seem to be informed to the students through announcements made at the end of the with the written notices being sent some time later. “My old school seems to have informed us earlier of upcoming events than BSGE, but I do not know of what happens in the older grades since there is not much to announce to the seventh graders.” added Eleni Zamagias.
Private schools approach to academic studies is not the only thing that differs from BSGE. The diversity of culture is very different. many private schools focus on one particular religion. After personally changing from a private school myself i can safely say that the cultural variety is much greater than what you would find in a normal private school. “The cultural diversity allows more interaction between different people and it seems to make you see more of the word than if you were in a public school. Being in a private school we even had a class devoted to Greek because it was a Greek Orthodox school.” stated Eleni Zamagias.
After skimming through the seventh grade this year it seems as if many have changed from a private school with only leaving a few coming from a private school. Being from a private school myself I know that it was much stricter and enforced much more discipline than BSGE. The private school was very focused on religion class being a catholic school and it was a mandatory class rather than an optional class for those who were truly catholic. They also enforced church services as well. All in all if one looks for learning discipline and particular beliefs (depending on the school) with their academic studies a private school may be a good choice, however public schools like BSGE allow one to learn different cultural beliefs from the classmates around them and teach at a very promising academic level.


By Mr. Lakhaney

TOK Teacher

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